PyCon is coming to Portland, OR this year and I am delighted to be giving a tutorial on data gathering & organization!  I plan to run through the tutorial with an audience in early May to get feedback and tweak the content, delivery, etc. If you would be interested in attending please complete the form below.

If you have an account on the PyCon website you can view the details here (accounts are free to setup). If not here is the tutorial abstract. It is targeted at an intermediate Python audience. Also, there will be puns.

Attendees will learn about pipelining the process of data gathering, organization and storage. At the conclusion of the tutorial attendees will be able to build a pipeline that can be run to harvest, organize, and store web based data, using object-oriented design .

Using a variety of Python libraries, object-oriented design principles, and some magic attendees will learn how to build a well-organized data store from a variety of types of web data. Attendees will learn how to pipeline this process  & efficiently organize code so changes in data source, shape, or organization can be easily incorporated.

Interested? I’d appreciate your help in putting together a great tutorial and representing the PDX tech scene as best as I can. Please let me know if you’d like to attend the dry run and I’ll send out details as I have them.




I’m looking for a venue to hold the dry run, any suggestions? Need to accommodate about 20 people.