Conversion Rate Improvement Through Time-Based Heuristics


Develop heuristics for tracking user/product interaction over time to improve product targeting and conversion.


  • Identify how to entice users to convert.
  • Develop heuristics to give insight into platform performance.
  • Provide direction on how these heuristics could be used for long-term product targeting.


  1. Identify business and engineering objectives of heuristic definition.
  2. Analyze data set for signals showing strong correlation to user engagement and conversion.
  3. Develop heuristics based on signals that:
    1. Can be tracked to generate snapshots of system performance.
    2. Provide meaningful insights to C-suite stakeholders.
    3. Are relevant to engineering efforts and can be used in predictive models.

Business Impact

The completed heuristics drove the following improvements:

  • Re-focus of product targeting based on heuristically-defined window of time when users were most likely to convert.
  • Ability to develop predictive models for user conversion events based on heuristics.
  • Improved data collection to improve accuracy of user conversion prediction.
  • Re-targeting of products to specific user groups to improve conversion.


“I worked together with Sev for several months on a data science project for an Internet startup. During our joint work, Sev exhibited the following attributes: tenacity–approaching data exploration challenges from multiple perspectives until it yielded actionable insights; integrity–never letting a strange result slide (even if positive), digging until it either exposed a bug or a new understanding; and resourcefulness–exhibiting a strong desire and ability to learn and use new tools to crack hard problems. My time with Sev with very gratifying and I would gladly serve as a reference for future customers or employers.” – Eitan. F. Founder, Speculative Execution LLC