The Data Scout has led several expeditions through the information wilderness. Read more about how The Data Scout has helped organizations improve revenue and engagement by leveraging information.

Aasgard Pass
Aasgard Pass

Surveying the landscape – The Enchantments Wilderness in Central Washington is a breathtaking area to visit. The gateway to the central part of this area requires climbing up Aasgard Pass. The path is difficult to follow, additional information beyond a detailed map would be really useful. Social media can provide excellent answers about how, when, and who has tackled Aasgard Pass, and potentially give you some other ideas about how to approach your Enchantments adventure. The Data Scout has leveraged social media to provide insight into event and brand engagement on the web, highlighting areas of improvement.

How good is your map? – Much like detail across different maps, the detail & insights from various sources of information can vary widely. Some maps show only a thin trail while others use additional information, providing a more complete picture of the terrain to help you find your way. Find out how The Data Scout worked with multiple information sources to point the way to improved customer engagement.

Where should you go next? – So you really enjoyed hiking to Bear Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park. Half Dome really wasn’t your cup of tea, however, as you found out on your recent trip to Yosemite. Where should you hike on your upcoming trip to Zion? Information about previous activities can be used to predict the future. Science fiction? Hardly! The Data Scout has helped clients leverage the power of predictive analytics to identify opportunities to increase revenue and improve products.

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