A Lifeline for Medicaid Beneficiaries

Originally published 02/10/2020 on the Nuna blog At Nuna, our Government Services Team has the privilege of working to improve the quality of healthcare for the 1 in 5 Americans that participate in Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Together with our contract partners the government services team recently launched the first cross-agency API for Medicaid, connecting Medicaid eligibility data with the FCC’s Lifeline program. As of September, up…

Advanced Google Maps with JavaScript

In our previous post about building interactive maps with Python and Javascript we learned how to create a GeoJSON dataset of campgrounds and display information on a Google Map with markers, using the Google Maps JavaScript API. We’re going to build on that foundation in today’s post by showing you how to use some more advanced techniques that are not discussed in Google’s documentation. To create a more customized user experience, we are going to learn how to filter markers and how to display marker GeoJSON outside of the Google Maps object